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imaginative gestures 

2024 - on going

According to Didi Huberman, gestures have an ancient history that we often forget. We experience the antiquity of gestures every time we react physically to intense situations of desire, fear, grief or despair. Aby Warburg pointed out that the meaning of gestures is not in what they represent but in their repetition. This repetition reveals layers of meaning accumulated over time. 


For Andrea Soto Calderon, the gestures we make have been shaped by structures and modes of production.  In 1985, Flusser considered hands to be the main organ of our era. Keys or buttons are everywhere; they move in a time measured by dimensions that do not correspond to everyday time measurements. The act of pressing keys or buttons becomes a way of producing images. It involves typing "by feel," and when one says by feel, it implies that something moves blindly in the hope of finding something, as if by accident.


This is a work in progress. 

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