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Another Earth, the same

In the longest chapter of the Martian Chronicles, archaeologist Spender pronounces a sentence that is particularly relevant: "History," he says, "will never forgive Cortés". In this way, Spender expresses a prophecy: humans will do on Mars what the Spanish did in Mexico: decimate its population by infecting them with a disease against which they have no defences and destroy its civilisation with little understanding of them.


Even if the moon continues to shine, one day Earth will be like Mars is now. In other words, it will be a dry and desolate wasteland, a desert in both senses of the word. This project explores two writings, Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" and the poem "Tierra Roja" by Francisco Segovia.

Commissioned work: "The Annihilation of Space and Time" for Zero Feed Back, a Tokyo-based independent publisher. You can buy a copy of the publication here.

This work was exhibited at the Centro de las Artes in San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca in December 2022. 

All photographs were produced in Chiconcuac, Morelos.



 With the help of Sebastian Machado, Pepita Batanero, Francisco Segovia, Eleana Konstantellos, Aldo Arriaga, Andrés Batanero. The mechanical service of the town lent the costumes and helmets.

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